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CK2 by Calvin Klein - The Fragrance For The New Generation

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Following in the iconic footsteps of 'the 90s launch of CK One, Calvin Klein Fragrances has released a new gender-free fragrance - CK2 ♥ A scent that "embodies the thrill of life" and celebrates diversity, romance, youthful passion and meaningful connections between people.

Like that of CK One, the notes are cleverly blended to create a juice suitable for both men and women which possesses a spicy electric freshness on top warm woody tones. With such interesting notes of wasabi, mandarin, violet leaf, wet cobblestones, orris, rose, vetiver, incense and sandalwood, it's hard to imagine a suitable perfume concoction however CK2 is perfectly wearable. It's clean, fresh, airy and definitely a go-to fragrance for those who are looking for a casual and relaxing daytime scent.

CK One took the youth market by storm...Can CK2 live up to the same hype and capture the attention of the new generation?!

CK 2 EDT by Calvin Klein

pic credit - Megan Sellers

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